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About Us

Geoffrey George is a small family-based company which was formed from a longstanding interest in collecting stamps. What began as a small collection has progressively grown over time to include stamps from many different countries and eras.

While initially the collection was built around stamps from Australia and its dependent territories, including Norfolk Island, Christmas Island, Australian Antarctic Territory and Cocos (Keeling) Islands, it has come to include many other countries along the way.

Contributions to this collection have come from many sources, which have included bulk allotments with assorted stamp qualities and quantities. Some stamps are in close to pristine condition, while others are of different grades. Pricing reflects the quality of the stamps on offer.

By sharing the contents of this website, it is hoped that you may benefit and further your collection.

The contents and pricing within the website are subject to change and review. Please refer to the Terms and Conditions link for further information.

Happy stamp collecting.

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